Monday, June 3, 2013

Sweet Pea Box Review May 2013

    May is a difficult and changing month for kids clothing box companies, whether to Sweet Pea or Wittlebee.  Both companies are under new management and both companies are experiencing some growing pains.  At this time Sweet Pea is transitioning well with continuous shipment and communication to customers.  While Wittlebee seems to have some inventory shortage.  I truly hope both companies can prosper and succeed so we customers can enjoy even better deals and wider choices.

    My Sweet Pea Box (Bag) from the new owner arrived on June 3rd, shipped on May 25th and billed on May 18th.  As usual, I am very happy to see my Sweet Pea Box.

    If you are interested, email and mention "Three Princesses in NY".  I don't get money for referral but they may put something nice in my box, so big thank you!  :)

    My style is "Preppy" and the box is split into age 6, 5, and 2.

My size 2:
Ralph Lauren swimwear, retail $49.5:  This is a wonderful set!  They are so cute and perfect for the season.  LOVE!  :D  Not that I would literary spend $50 on kids swimwear but this set makes my whole box worthwhile!
Crazy 8 Sparkle Cupcake Flutter Tee and Stripe Bow Pocket Knit Short, retail $9.95 each:  They are soft and fun summer colors.  

My size 6/5
Crazy 8 Giraffe Bow Tank, retail $9.95.
Cutie Patootie mid-thigh cotton twill short with silver lurex and front pocket taping, tag says $26:  Nice solid shorts, perfect for my wild Princess Alpha.  She is pretty rough on clothes so these will be her go-to summer item.

Penelope Mack Spagetti strap top and woven shorts, I think they are from Macy's.  I guess they are about $20.  Nice light woven cotton material with delicate floral pattern.  Pretty cute.

O'Neill's Pumpkin Dress, retails $38.  I love the color!  Light and airy.  So pretty!

Overall the total value  would be $163.35.  For some shopping savvy moms they may find some good deals on some of the items but for $50 shipped to home, I am very happy.  It is fun to have surprises too.

I also scored the Violet + Moss top/dress for $10 on their Memorial Day blitz sale.  It is 100% organic cotton and the print are so sophisticated and adorable.  Its retail price is probably $30.

If you are interested, email and mention "Three Princesses in NY".  8 items for $50, 6 items for $40 and 4 items for $30.

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